MIDasis Foundation Academy | midasia.edu.pk | Karachi | (021) - 3696 0012, (021) - 3696 0013

MIDasis Foundation Academy | midasia.edu.pk | Karachi |  (021) - 3696 0012, (021) - 3696 0013

Aims of the Academy

• We aim to promote equal opportunities for all children.

• We aim to value each child as an individual enabling them to develop a positive self-image.

• We aim to encourage excellent behavior by promoting respect for all through excellent relationships between all stakeholders in our academy.

• We aim to help students develop personal, spiritual and moral values, an understanding of religion and beliefs, tolerance for others and their way of life.

• We aim to make sure that the children receive the greatest possible benefit from their time at MIDasia Foundation Academy and that they achieve their full potential in all areas, appreciating their own achievements and aspirations and those of others.

• We aim to promote enjoyment of learning to the whole academy community, vitally involving parents, to support their children to attend the academy and to strive towards excellence. 

• We aim to give our pupils the knowledge and skills relevant to adult life, so as to prepare them for leadership roles. 

We offer early childhood education system to children ranging from the ages after two to seven years in the form of Play Group and Kindergarten. We offer elementary education to children establishing foundations in range of subject areas. Through specially designed academic coursework, we aim to promote literacy and numeracy amongst the children.

Pre-Primary / Primary

We offer early childhood education system to children ranging from the ages after two to seven years in the form of Play Group and Kindergarten. We offer elementary education to children establishing foundations in range of subject areas. Through specially designed academic coursework, we aim to promote literacy and numeracy amongst the children.


Matric curriculum system is more common and widely chosen by students. It comprises of a two-year study program: class IX and X; commonly called S.S.C examination Part I (IX) and Part –II (X). Matriculation (usually shortened to "matric") is a term that refers to the final examinations of 9th and 10th grades. It results in the issuance of SSC or TSC.

MIDasia's Alumni

The MIDasia Foundation Academy's Alumnus Society will be launched on 2015, The MIDasia’s Alumni Office aims to help you stay in touch with your school, your college and other MIDasia’s Students, wherever you are in the world. The MIDasia Foundation Academy fraternity is vibrant, diverse and leads in their respective fields of study.

Our Prayers

• Oh Almighty, give us the courage, conviction and commitment to produce each year, from this Academy of excellence, students who have learnt; 

• To listen to all but accept only the good. 

• To have courage to be the patient and tolerant. 

• To stand by one's convictions based on sound character. 

• To be honest, fair and decent. 

• To be fearless leader in all situations. 

This is the start of new session in our school. We all know that to organize our lives, we need to abide by certain rules and regulations. 
Students are required to follow the instructions laid down about discipline and uniform strictly.


1. Regularity and punctuality of a student is must. If a student is late, he / she will be issued a late warning and if a student is habitual late comer, he / she will not be allowed to sit in the class room and will be sent back to home. 
2. Class work and home work should be submitted on time. Late submission of assignments will not be checked by the concern teachers. 
3. No student is allowed to leave during the school hours without a prior written application by parents. The application is to be submitted at the reception. Sick leave is to be supported with a medical certificate. 
4. Any electronic device or gadgets, musical instruments or device, mobile phones etc are strictly prohibited. 
5. Students are required to behave in a polite, subtle and sensible manner in the school compound. Usage of any kind of abusive language to anyone is not permitted. 


1. Cleanliness will be observed strictly i.e. clean and proper uniform, polished shoes, proper hair and nail cuts etc. Uniform violation notice will be issued if this requirement is not met. 
2. Mondays and Thursdays are the regular checking days for students. Checking can also be done on any other day as well. 
3. Hair dying, Jewelleries and Mehndi are not allowed.
4. It is the duty of every student to keep the school compound clean alongwith their class room. 
5. Books and copies should be binded and should be clearly named and labeled for each subject. Tearing off pages from them will not be tolerated. 

We, at MIDasia institute are not only concerned with your child’s academic progress but also are equally worried about shaping up their nature and character. We believe in grooming up our students as a complete human being. We are not only strengthening their academic base but also working towards teaching them ethics and values making them as responsible as we can. 

Your co-ordination, understanding and help is what we all require. We want you to help us in developing their personality and making them independent and self-possessed. 

Inshah Allah, if we work together, we can make a considerable positive change in our students and make them an obedient person and responsible citizen.

School Library

"It has been demonstrated that, when teachers and librarians, work together, students achieve higher levels of literacy, reading, learning, problem solving and information and communication technology skill."

Research has demonstrated that an integrated approach to teaching information literacy aided by the library can help students achieve higher levels of success, that's why we at MIDasia call our Library Learning Resource Centre. We maintain well stocked library to support/provide.

School Laboratories

At MIDasia we have a chemistry lab, a physics and a biology lab. Besides, we also have a fully featured general science lab. All the labs are fully equipped with all the necessary apparatus.

Smart Class Rooms

MIDasia Foundation Academy features a hi-tech fully featured multimedia rooms. Rooms are equipped with smart-interactive boards, surround sound system and projector.

Medical Care

Health Promoting School

MIDasia Foundation Academy - Health Promoting School. "Learning and health go hand in hand. Good health of children and young people is a prerequisite for educational achievement. Good health of teachers is important to the development of effective schools. Health promoting schools aim at empowering students, staff and parents to actively influence their lives and their living conditions." [Education and Health in Partnership: European Conference, 2002] Every child deserves the best possible start in life and to be given every opportunity to achieve their full potential. The unlocking of this potential is one of our key aims and a vital ingredient of its success is the health promoting school. MIDasia Foundation Academy is the first health promoting school in Karachi and Islamabad. 

The purpose of this initiative is to facilitate the development of a unified preventive school-health and human service programme that will improve the overall health and well-being of students.



• Promotion of positive health (Health Education)
• Prevention of diseases (Including Immunization)
• Early detection, diagnosis and treatment of diseases
• Referral services to higher Health Centers by School Health Team 


A proper Canteen / Tuck Shop with all necessary standard and healty snacks / eatables, is available adjacent to a vast Assembly Area.

Club and Societies

Clubs and societies are formed in the school to enhance the student’s abilities, to uncover the hidden talents and to sharpen the skills.










Address & Contact

ST 19, Sector 5C/3, Shahrah-e-Parveen Shakir, Power House, North Karachi, Karachi-75850 Pakistan
Contact Number:
(021) - 3696 0012, (021) - 3696 0013


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